Short Sales Resources

Short Sales Resources

Whether you're a buyer looking to take advantage of the savings a short sale can provide or a seller on the hunt for a short sale Realtor, Stateland Brown is here to serve you. We are a locally owned real estate brokerage firm that specializes in short sale properties in South Florida.

A short sale Realtor brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about this rather unique, but increasingly popular, way of selling or buying a home. A short sale is a property that is sold at a price lower than the outstanding loan balance, often at less than the true market value. As the foreclosure rate remains high, more banks are agreeing to sell properties for less than loan value to recoup some of their investment and assist homeowners in avoiding foreclosure. The process calls for a professional who knows the ins and outs of working not only with buyers and sellers, but also the banks and mortgage companies that hold the loans.


For sellers, a short sale Realtor who knows how to market and move this type of property can be a financial lifesaver. A successful short sale can help a homeowner avoid the black mark of a foreclosure on their credit history. It can also take a lot of the worries and burdens of a drawn-out legal process off their shoulders. When the decision is made to put a home up as a short sale, owners also benefit greatly from using an experienced StatelandBrown Realtor to market the property and work on their behalf every step of the way.

For more Information about selling your Short Sale - documents absolutely important for a successful Short Sale, comprehensive Seller's Listing Packet Checklist and more, please click on the 'Resources for Sellers' button.

Resources for Sellers


Buyers who look into short sale purchases will find this alternative can save them a great deal of money. While no two transactions are exactly alike, they all provide buyers with the potential to enjoy greater purchasing power and even tremendous savings over market value. This type of sale, however, does call for an advocate working hard on a buyer's side. Not only does a short sale require buyers and sellers to reach an agreement, but the banking institution must also approve of the transaction.

If the benefits of a short sale fit into your plans, StatelandBrown is here to help you reach your goals. Whether you're a buyer looking for a dream home or a seller who is just ready to get on with life, our team of professionals is poised to assist. Just call us today to get started. We are ready to go to work for you!

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