Lease Negotiation Service

Weichert Stateland Brown LLC handles residential leasing. Leases are very complex. As they contain a lot of technical details that a typical real estate broker or agent might overlook, due to a lack of extensive business experience which is gained only through completing hundreds of transactions. We have that experience.
Our office has leased over 800,000 square feet of office/retail buildings within South Florida; not to mention hundreds of residential properties.

We are experienced in negotiating the following types of documents:

  1. Proposals to lease, to buy, or to sell
  2. Lease Amendments
  3. Lease Assignments
  4. Lease Renewals
  5. Early Termination of Leases

We have successfully negotiated leases with the following types of commercial spaces:
  1. Office space
  2. Retail space
  3. Medical offices space
  4. Industrial space
  5. Financial space

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