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There are many Foreclosures in Key Biscayne. A lot of properties that were purchased in Key Biscayne or refinanced over the past 5 to 6 years are in a position of Negative Equity. Key Biscayne Foreclosures Listings are a very good opportunity for people currently in the market to purchase a property. It is inevitable that if you are looking to buy a property in Key Biscayne in todays market you will run into a pool of Foreclosures Real Estate.

If you are in a position of Negative Equity then Stateland Brown can help you sell your property and avoid Foreclosure.
We have many satisfied clients.

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482 Ridgewood Rd
For Sale

482, Ridgewood Rd, Key Biscayne - 33149

Gorgeous 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom single family home located in the sought out Key Biscayne area. Area location is a big feature for this home as well

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