Short Sale Resources For Seller

  • Do you submit 1 offer or multiple offers to the bank?
  • How many lender's and who are they?
  • Have you submitted any previous offers that the bank has rejected? If yes what was that amount and when was it?
  • Is the seller behind on their mortgage payments?
  • Has the bank accepted any offers and the buyer walked away? If so what was that amount and when?
  • If it's an HOA is the buyer behind on their HOA and if so what do they owe? (the lender's are not paying alot of the past due HOA dues so this is an important question) the buyer may have to pay it to make the deal work, so if this is the case you may want to offer a little less knowing you may have to pay this.
  • Do you negotiate your own short sales or doe you have someone else negotiate them?
  • How long do you think it will take to get a bank approval?
  • How many short sales have you done in the last year?