Buy vs. Rent

Buy vs. Rent

I’m sure we’ve all heard, “the American Dream is to purchase a home”. Many agree! However, is that your dream? Would you rather buy or rent a property? The answer lies within you. I mean, ultimately, it’s your choice whether to buy or rent.

I recently sat back and took a long look at the pros and cons of buying a home versus renting a property. I must say, I found a lot of benefits on both sides of the spectrum. Let’s see, some of the benefits of purchasing a property are stability and wealth building opportunities, tax deductions, credit building, nest egg for the future and long-term savings.  Now when it comes to renting, I found that the benefits included not having to worry about repairs and maintenance, flexibility, minimal responsibility, no property tax and HOA fees. However, I concluded that “owning isn’t universally better than renting, nor is renting always simpler than owning”. 

To buy or rent should be a calculated decision made by responsible adults. When the opportunity arises, make sure to sit back, like I did and contemplate on your benefits. Ask yourself, should I buy or rent?

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